Jody's Approach

As we move through life, we often hold onto outdated core beliefs and perceptions of the world around us. Therapy is a process of getting unstuck to discover a sense of aliveness and joy that is inherent in all of us. The foundation of our work begins with relationship through active, reflective listening. This helps us understand the stories that define and shape us. By learning how to listen to these stories and increase awareness of outdated core beliefs, we increase our relationship with ourselves as well as with others and the greater universe.

Listen to Jody talk with Don Shafer of Roundhouse Radio on counselling, mindfulness and nature HERE.

Jody will work with you to build upon your strengths to co-create an action plan for growth and change.

Specialties include issues related to personal or professional identity, conflict, communication, relationships, grief and loss, career/life transitions, depression, anxiety, and panic.

Being In Nature

The practice of incorporating nature to enhance health and wellness is shared among many disciplines. In the wake of research that proves the healing power of nature, today’s cutting edge health care facilities often incorporate biophilia including day-lighting, natural materials like stone or wood, plants, water features, artwork of nature as well as designing outdoor spaces to be more natural, inviting patients to sit, visit with family and friends, or stroll. A report in 2009 from Centre for Environment and Society at the University of Essex shines more light on the use of nature as a therapeutic intervention, with growing empirical evidence that nature improves mental health. Researchers prescribe “green exercise” to improve psychological well-being, and enhance physical health and social networks.

Who hasn’t experienced a sudden emotional lift from sunshine following a period of prolonged rain or inner turmoil? The outdoors – sunshine, trees, birdsong, wind, snow-capped mountains, puddles, ocean beaches, beds of moss, even the rain – can calm us and provide a perspective that comes literally from outside of ourselves.

Jody sees in-person clients exclusively outdoors by appointment only.

For resources and readings on the healing power of nature visit Jody's Facebook page at Nature Counselling.

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